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Characteristically astral travel or astral projection ability occurs during the REM rapid eye movement sleep zone. Which is the zone between being in deep asleep and being fully awake. On waking up in the morning being in this rapid eye movement zone characteristically has a duration of three to five seconds. This is our window of opportunity to create a conscious out of the body experience. Firmly establish and set the intention on going to bed ; that you will create a conscious out of the body experience when entering the REM zone on waking up. This is usually referred to as the indirect method to achieve a conscious astral travel experience.

For anyone with the motivation to do an astral projection workshop perhaps you may consider Maria Filo. Importantly keep in mind that conscious astral travel will certainly enrich your life; by becoming a more conscious human being. However there is no substitute for practicing insight meditation to dissolve the resistance of ego; to facilitate the ultimate escape from the wheel of rebirth with enlightenment.

Astral Travel

Representation Astral body form with aura above physical body during REM sleep.

Astral travel or astral projection is an intentional out of body experience (OBE). Via an aspect of soul that is termed the ” astral body “. Which is soul, mental body and emotional body without the physical body. Which can separate from the physical body and has the capability of travelling consciously; outside the limitations of the physical body throughout the universe during REM sleep.