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Brisbane is nearest city; to the location of the Energy Healing Centre. Should you seek further information; about serious meditation. Then by all means please feel free; to contact Brother Bert. In addition I may be contacted; in regard to the circle group information. Until we achieve the point of true independence; which is continuous meditation ability. All require light cast by others; a little further along the spiritual path to guide our way.

In greater detail the location of Energy healing Centre is on the Redcliffe peninsula in the Moreton Bay Shire. Which is about 30 minutes drive from the Brisbane international airport.

Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

Peacock group brotherhood is a spiritual development group, which is open to anyone who feels the motivation to become a member.

“There is no path other than the path which you weave for yourselves. You create your own light, you create your own pattern, you create the stepping stones for your feet, and you create the mud holes in which you so often flounder.” This is an extract from the discourse “the meaning of words” by Lai Yung.
Who is interested in growing spiritually or spiritual development? Well in that case you will need to study diligently the esoteric knowledge; contained within the Peacock group spiritual brotherhood discourses, which begins with an understanding of basic terminology.