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Deep meditation is characterized by the piercing, penetrating and dissolving action of energy. Above all it is at the point or level; of your meditation focus within your physical body. In addition this will initially happen in the head areas. However with the progression of your deep meditation ability. This dissolving awareness will progressively move down. To dissolve out the sediments within your entire spinal column.

Importantly this clearing out of the sediments and crystallization’s surrounding and permeating the spinal column. Is a very important milestone; in your meditation achievement or maturity of practice. In summary this represents the end of stage two deep meditation.

Ashram learn Insight Meditation Enlightenment

Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Rules of entry to Ashram is sacrifice of ego desires or motivations. Which is firstly to abstain from all forms of intoxicants (i.e. alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, all illegal drugs and even prescription mood altering drugs); that will only dull the mind and hinder receptivity in gaining spiritual truth.