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Meditation is a demonstration that energy follows thought; which is a timeless esoteric truth. Where you choose to discipline the mind; to focus its attention; is where the direction of your life will travel. There are two fundamental life direction choices; with their natural consequences. This is either to focus on the lower chakras of lower man; which are the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras; fueling the passion impulse. Or alternatively perhaps the higher chakras of spiritual man; which are the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras; that fuel the compassion impulse. It is the same energy; only channelled in a different direction. Only requirement is the discipline; to raise energy from a lower to a higher level; which is certainly worth the effort; as the rewards are very great indeed.


Find meditation path early in life with serious meditation practice from an early age; will prevent many health problems and structural deformities.

Definition of Enlightenment Insight meditation enlightenment is defined to be the physics energy state. Where a meditator has advanced insight meditation enlightenment ability. Which means successfully dissolving all resistance. With its associated crystallization to become ego-less. This is the final conclusion energy state. It is a self-observation process from the perspective of detachment. In summary …

How to Meditate Anapana and Insight Meditation

Meditating in Tibet: Spiritual path early in life may discover. Meditation is easier with far better results. From an early age will prevent many health problems. Before they occur later in life.

When we first begin to think about meditation then thoughts arise of needing to go to a monastery for instruction. Certainly the easiest way to start is to attend a ten day meditation course. These days meditation courses are far more widely available so there is no need to trek all the way to the Himalayas to start your meditation career.
All average humanity is trapped within a bottle the bubble of illusion. Serious meditation is a process of consciously activating Oversoul energy. Which is only source of power available to facilitate a permanent change in energy state.

Children Meditation Energy Follows Thought

As the Buddha said so many years ago. There is no path to happiness: Happiness is the path.

Meditation is defined as the conscious or awareness process of increasing energy while dissolving resistance. As the level of energy increases; there is a co-responding reduction in the level of resistance. Consequently awareness will rise. Gaining maturity in meditation practice is the only way to achieve a completely conscious life. This means that you come to know and understand how life works!