Tag: relationship failure

Relationship failure is due; to psychic barriers of resistance. Which are created by the ego. Significantly they are present; in either one or both individuals in relationship. In summary the problem is defined to be. A failure to connect equally; on a harmonious vibrational level.

Every relationship failure presents the seeds of success; with the crisis of opportunity. Therefore naturally the solution; is detached self observation. Which is to face the truth about yourself. In common words it is to say; identify your blind spots. Significantly this is an evolutionary process. That may be enhanced; with insight meditation practice. Which is a process; that begins with Anapana.

Self Observation

In the relationship commitment every individual. Needs to practice continuous self observation. In order to facilitate; the facing of the truth within oneself. Anything less will lead to relationship failure. As the limitations within the self; that are not faced. Therefore accordingly will be projected; onto another by default. In particular anyone contemplating and committing to marriage. Would be wise to incorporate this clause; into their wedding vows. If they are very wise? Why choose to be an atheist; when you can be an initiate instead. Therefore in this way; we may avoid relationship failure.

Importantly many people; who do practice meditation. Unfortunately become lost on the surface levels; failing to achieve nirvana. Above all during the first stage of meditation; you gain an awareness of energy. That is flowing over the surface of the body. However this needs; to become an awareness of energy. That is flowing through the body. Which enables the dissolving of resistance; from the inside out. Compared with surface meditation in isolation. Above all which only enables; the dissolving of resistance on surface levels.

However in most cases it takes; very many years of continuous meditation practice. To achieve significant improvement in meditation maturity. Which means that serious meditation; is not for the faint hearted. Significantly simple spiritual understanding spiritual growth comes to all; who gain maturity with insight meditation practice. On the pathway to the non reactive surrender state of nirvana.

Psychic Barriers Imprison

Psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected from the world.

Unfortunately psychological or psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Which explains why relationships that are framed within barriers of protection; are all doomed for failure. Changing your life partner is not a solution; because you take your barriers with you. Thereby creating the same unbalanced pattern, with another person with the same consequences. Person who puts up the barriers in the first place; is the only one who can take them down.