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Esoteric student is any person. Who seeks to learn and understand; the inner mysteries of how life works. In addition this means to look under the code of outer appearances.  In this way the esoteric student becomes an initiate. Naturally this will lead eventually to energy state of nirvanic peace with enlightenment.

So it has been since the origins of time that ego man in most cases has a total inability to short-circuit his fate and escape the illusion prematurely. He must live in the limitations of personality directed function with pain and suffering experience until one day; he may learn by default, perhaps?

Pain and suffering experience is your greatest blessing when viewed correctly. It will permit you to enter the greater reality by opening up the crown chakra. This allows greater soul light to come down from your own over-soul to illuminate the mind.

To run this way and that looking in every direction except in the one direction that leads anywhere, which is straight up. Which is the correct path for the esoteric student. Such is the nature of the ego to maintain the status quo of its own power; by distorting perception in a bias supporting its own favor.

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However anyone who achieves same meditation ability or maturity as Buddha will gain ability to give same discourses that Buddha used to give.

Site map with all links to meditation secrets Site map contains all links to Meditation secrets website. Therefore assuredly spiritual aspirants; will find their search for nirvanic peace so much easier. Wheel of rebirth Wheel of rebirth or reincarnation explains how consciousness is a continuing experience; through various physical bodies or incarnations on the earth …

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Insight meditation secrets is a consciousness path to achieve enlightenment; which is determined by your focus. Which needs to be 100% straight up.

For the esoteric student the energy of pride needs to be correctly understood and applied in order to create a life, which will lead to inner peace.
Every path in life whether it is chosen consciously or unconsciously will lead to inevitable natural consequences appropriate to the choices, which have been made. In practice this will mean to look at every aspect of life to see and understand the outer and inner realities of manifestation. Perhaps you may discover the path to enlightenment?