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Level of consciousness or awareness; is reflected in the level of perception. Which is a demonstration; of the spiritual maturity of the meditator. Therefore this is defined to be; the spiritual status of any individual. In other words we would say; the energy state or energy resistance balance. In conclusion the fastest way; to raise awareness. Above all is with insight meditation practice.

In conclusion the level of consciousness is determined; by the degree of soul influence. Which means the stronger the soul. Then the higher or finer the  frequency will be. Which in turn will mean; a higher viewing platform. That will result in higher consciousness. Eternal choice in life. Is to either run around in circles chasing the illusion; or to sit still and meditate in order to escape the illusion.

Evolution Consciousness is resisted by Ego

Evolution of consciousness is resisted by the ego. Insight meditation is the conscious process to invoke the energy of the oversoul to transcend ego

As the evolution of spiritual consciousness is resisted by the personality or ego; the net result is that all average humanity who are ruled by their ego’s are entrapped within a prison. Insight meditation or serious meditation is a direct comparison to many of the superficial forms of meditation that are available today.