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Spiritual law is; the physics of Dharma or Spiritual science. Sometimes you may break a man made law. Perhaps you will get away with it sometimes. However no one ever gets away with breaking spiritual laws. This is because they are based upon physics; which is 100% repeatable. Which is an interesting observation.

Ignorance of Spiritual Law is No Excuse

This meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere, which is straight up. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness

Losers have excuses and winners have solutions is a direct demonstration of spiritual law application. People who break spiritual laws will suffer; the inevitable karmic consequences with pain and suffering experience. They will complain bitterly. Obviously they belong to the loser group. By comparison the people who study the spiritual laws; accordingly choosing to live within the spiritual framework. Will avoid serious karmic consequences so they will have happier more contented lives. Obviously these more enlightened individuals will belong to the winners group.