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In other words an out of the body experience or astral travel is the ability; to move consciously within the fourth dimensional plane of existence in full awareness. Which means to retain the memory of the astral travel experience; while sleeping on return to the physical body with waking up.

Interestingly insight meditation is a process that will facilitate the gaining of conscious astral travel ability or out of body experience. Because insight meditation invokes energy that reduces the stick of the astral body to the physical body. Which will facilitate an easier disassociation or disconnection with the physical body. Raising your frequency while reducing resistance is the big secret to becoming conscious within the astral world or fourth dimensional plane of existence.

Astral Travel

Representation Astral body form with aura above physical body during REM sleep.

Astral travel or astral projection is an intentional out of body experience (OBE). Via an aspect of soul that is termed the ” astral body “. Which is soul, mental body and emotional body without the physical body. Which can separate from the physical body and has the capability of travelling consciously; outside the limitations of the physical body throughout the universe during REM sleep.