Tag: bright spark

Bright spark is any person; who functions well on the third ray of active intelligence. In other words it means to have common sense. A balanced human being is one; who uses the third ray of active intelligence. To direct the other two rays of love wisdom second ray; and will and power the first ray.

Simple spiritual understanding

Insight meditation practice leads to a stronger aura. This photo shows the seven chakras or energy centers in the body with a predominantly yellow auric field.

Simple spiritual understanding comes to all who gain maturity with insight meditation practice on the pathway to the non reactive surrender state of nirvana.
When walking along a path, it is wise to have some idea of where we are headed and why? In life we only have two directions to choose from, which is either a circle or straight up. In other words would be to say enjoy the illusion or escape it. Serious meditation is the straight up path, which is what I call the one and only escape hatch.