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Spiritual framework are guidelines; based upon spiritual knowledge. For instance with correct awareness; querent will come to an understanding of natural law or dharma. Which is the physics of spirituality. In addition one may break a man made law; and get away with it sometimes. However no one will ever get away; with breaking any spiritual law without consequence.

Spiritual law, natural law or dharma is the physics of spirituality. When breaking a spiritual law you will pay the penalty every time 100 percent as it is based on physics or science, which is completely repeatable. Location to learn about spiritual science or the spiritual framework is the Ashram.

Evolution Consciousness is resisted by Ego

Evolution of consciousness is resisted by the ego. Insight meditation is the conscious process to invoke the energy of the oversoul to transcend ego

As the evolution of spiritual consciousness is resisted by the personality or ego; the net result is that all average humanity who are ruled by their ego’s are entrapped within a prison. Insight meditation or serious meditation is a direct comparison to many of the superficial forms of meditation that are available today.