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Aggravation side effects; refers to the worsening of symptoms; which often happens. As a consequence of meditation practice. It is a healing elimination process; which when completed leaves you. Therefore in a far better state of health. When compared with what was the case; before you started meditation.

Also when energy meets resistance; this will generate a friction. In addition it will result in heat and pain symptoms; which are not comfortable. Aggravation symptoms needs to be accepted; to gain maturity in meditation practice. With meditation you are moving from a rigid contracted physical state; into a more flexible straightened conformation with better health consequences.

Meditation Symptoms Pathway to Enlightenment

Meditator sitting in the lotus position revealing the seven main chakras or energy centres in the body.

Every meditator will need to accept the pain and discomfort of any agravations or symptologies, which may occur while meditating to facilitate their own progress in maturity of meditation practice.
Every individual experiential process or symptomology pattern is different and unique, which is determined by the original resistance pattern. This is the whole reason why I say that serious meditation is not for the faint hearted; who will balk and shy away from continued practice due to these uncomfortable symptoms.