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Spirituality is to apply correctly; dharma or spiritual science. In other words is the study of metaphysics. It is the subject of the pure science of man. Therefore it covers all aspects of timeless spiritual knowledge. In conclusion the easiest fastest way to progress your spirituality; is to practice insight meditation.

Man The Thinker

Peacock Group Discourse By Rani Lash Spiritual Laws intellectual mind: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more comes to speak to you, that we may, indeed, consolidate and expediate a little perhaps that which you have been saying. We have not been with you, as you are aware, most …

Meaning of Words

Timeless secret is revealed with meditation practice. It will lead to complete transformation with release from wheel of rebirth or reincarnation.

Discourse by Lai Yung “Master of Happiness” Spirit guide Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood Meaning of words: Greetings beloved ones, Greetings. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close; that in the peace of understanding we may unite once again. It is indeed a little while since we contacted each other; for most of the …

Soul Pride Spiritual Aspirant

Insight meditation secrets is a consciousness path to achieve enlightenment; which is determined by your focus. Which needs to be 100% straight up.

For the esoteric student the energy of pride needs to be correctly understood and applied in order to create a life, which will lead to inner peace.
Every path in life whether it is chosen consciously or unconsciously will lead to inevitable natural consequences appropriate to the choices, which have been made. In practice this will mean to look at every aspect of life to see and understand the outer and inner realities of manifestation. Perhaps you may discover the path to enlightenment?

Light Path of Love correct discrimination

Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Light on the path of love enables correct discrimination between emotional sentimentality and spiritual love. Enlightened meditation is a conscious process of increasing soul energy flow. Energy follows thought to achieve energy state of enlightenment or nirvana. Light on the Path of Love Correct discrimination between emotional sentimentality and love is essential for a successful …

Spiritual Wisdom is an Energy State

White Palace: Insight meditation is a meditation process; that leads to balancing of chakras with a stronger aura with clear mental process of soul infused mind.

Spiritual wisdom is a level of consciousness or energy state. Which is created with insight meditation practice. Consequently this leads to the ability to receive psychic insights. Spiritual wisdom energy state Psychic Insights Light is the Great Revealer Explains the choice between living in the illumination of soul light; which is in the center or …