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Working disciple is an initiate; who is actively providing spiritual service. Similarly he is also disseminating spiritual knowledge. Therefore he is open. Just like a flower to receive; any visitors who are seeking guidance. In addition he will provide everything. That is truly needed; from a spiritual development perspective.

However sadly it is not always; what is wanted. Naturally this is because the focus; is upon soul needs rather than personality wants or desires. Many members from average humanity; seek spiritual growth and evolution. But they try to bring their ego addictions with them. Well in order for the new pattern to live the old pattern must die. Fortunately the working disciple understands; this principal very well. It is very simple is it not?

Spiritual Aspirant Committed Attitude Spiritual Development

Find meditation path early in life with serious meditation practice from an early age; will prevent many health problems and structural deformities.

Message for any spiritual aspirant; on the limitations of ego focused intelligence. Everyone’s path in life is different; in the context of personality distractions. Importantly however everyone’s life is also the same; in the context of spiritual growth.
Conscious process of actively changing energy state; or vibrational education is defined to be insight meditation. Which is consciously invoking; or bringing down of our own Oversoul energy.