Tag: crisis of opportunity

Crisis of opportunity defines the opportunity; that becomes available during the period of a peak relationship failure experience. During this focussed severe emotional impact experience; there can often be sudden influxes of soul light. That will come down from the oversoul and permeate the consciousness of the individual.

These psychic or intuitive flashes provide opportunity for raised levels of awareness. For example to see the real consequences of your own psychic barriers and the wisdom in taking them down, So that you may relate to the people around you; in a more real and genuine way. Spiritual science and serious meditation; can be learned at an Ashram.

Ego Psychic Barriers Illusion Separation

Psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura, which slows down the passage of energy and distorts perception.

Ego Personality Illusion or soul consciousness Since the origins of time the eternal choice for everyone; who finds himself in incarnation. Is either to enjoy the illusion of what you see outside yourself; which is an ego or personality focus. Or face the truth within the self; which is a soul focus? It is all …

Psychic Barriers Imprison

Psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected from the world.

Unfortunately psychological or psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Which explains why relationships that are framed within barriers of protection; are all doomed for failure. Changing your life partner is not a solution; because you take your barriers with you. Thereby creating the same unbalanced pattern, with another person with the same consequences. Person who puts up the barriers in the first place; is the only one who can take them down.