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Energy follows thought is a very old esoteric expression. Which has well and truly stood the test of time; clearly establishing its validity. Therefore it becomes crystal clear that manifestation happens; on the level determined by your focus of perception. Which in broad terms means that this will occur on either an outer or inner level. Depending upon the focus of the reality that we wish to create.

Manifestation soul focus wisest choice

Outer level reality covers all the phenomena; of the material or physical plane of existence. Which in other words means an ego or personality material focus. By comparison inner reality is to focus upon; our own unique particular psychological state. Which means our own psychic pattern; as determined by the level of soul influence upon it. Interestingly this is often referred to as a spiritual focus. Perhaps it may be very wise to keep in mind! Importantly that it is only our inner level reality energy state. However that can be taken with us at the end of an incarnation. Therefore a soul focus; is the wisest manifestation choice while in incarnation.

Ego creates Psychic Barriers Illusion of Separation

Psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura, which slows down the passage of energy and distorts perception.

Ego Personality Illusion or soul consciousness Since the origins of time the eternal choice for everyone; who finds himself in incarnation. Is either to enjoy the illusion of what you see outside yourself; which is an ego or personality focus. Or face the truth within the self; which is a soul focus? It is all …