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Insight meditation is an electrical process. During meditation practice; it can be observed. For instance that soul energy; or electrical current increases in flow strength. However according to Ohm’s law; resistance must be decreasing. As the voltage of the oversoul; is assumed to remain constant. In conclusion it is; the increased flow of energy from the oversoul; which forms the basis for psychic insights. Therefore this physics holds true even with Anapana or beginner meditation. Where it is usual to see; your own psychic pattern in a wider context.

Soul Purification

Taktsang Dzong: When meditating for the first time; many people will visit a monastery. Certainly the easiest way to start is with a meditation group. These days meditation centres are a lot more common and convenient.

Our oversoul is a real powerhouse of energy; which is just waiting patiently to be stimulated into action to purify. First time you feel the real power of your own soul you will wonder why you ever waited so long to invoke it. In addition psychic insights are comparatively the easier part to gain. Complete melting of all the crystalline structures of ego takes longer.