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Crisis of decision is where the pull or influence; of the ego and the soul is roughly 50%/50%. At this stage a spiritual aspirant may eventually; revert back to ego domination or push through to become a soul dominated entity. Once the soul is firmly in control. There is no possibility any more; to revert back to an ego orientation of being.

When experiencing the crisis of decision; it is often associated with stage two self observation capability. Which is characterized; with ego distorted self observation. However there is the addition; of psychic flashes with psychological insights. Which may occur during periods of intense emotional trauma. Often this stage represents the transition; from ego into soul control of the entity.

It is only when the entity is firmly under the control of soul; will the capability of stage three self observation be achieved. Which is to see the whole truth about yourself; without ego emotional distortion or blind spots.

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Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Rules of entry to Ashram is sacrifice of ego desires or motivations. Which is firstly to abstain from all forms of intoxicants (i.e. alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, all illegal drugs and even prescription mood altering drugs); that will only dull the mind and hinder receptivity in gaining spiritual truth.