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Walking the pathway of healing; indicates all steps of purification. Which therefore need to be taken; in order to heal our whole being. This is on the three levels of personality; physical, emotional and mental. Vibrational education is the solution for all addictions. When you make the choice in life to build energy then your vibration rate or frequency will increase in direct proportion to the number of wholesome or high energy choices that you make.

The higher your frequency becomes then the less craving or attraction you will feel for any low energy mood altering drug. The only permanent solution for all addictions is vibrational education. Psychic healing or energy healing can provide; a glimpse of a higher state of being or vibrational frequency.

Spiritual Entertainment or Spiritual Development

Querent sitting around fire lotus position; seeking guidance sage. Difference between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is discipline.

Choice between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is the discipline; of applying the steps of purification to change energy state.
Spiritual entertainment does provide a very valuable service to the community; in that it brings the seeds of awareness.
First time you sit still to meditate is the first moment when the choice has been made to select against the ego or personality in order to promote your own evolution of spiritual consciousness!

Nutrition Successful Insight Meditation

Any meditator may follow same pathway as Buddha revealed to achieve nirvanic peace Process begins with Anapana meditation to increase soul energy flow

Quality nutrition is important for successful insight meditation practice. It is important to maintain posture during the early stages of meditation practice. Many people who meditate for long hours for the first time will experience pain in their body. Certainly as you gain in maturity of meditation practice then your posture will improve as you …

Search for Meaning of Life

Meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere which is straight up a timeless secret. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness

Discover the meaning of Life or Holy Grail Anyone who seeks to find a holistic solution to their health problems; will discover the meaning of life or holy grail. Accordingly this article presents a very simple and easy to understand message; for all who wish to escape any medical problem. How many of average humanity …