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Enlightenment stages

There are three arbitrary stages of meditation achievement or enlightenment stages; which are all described. In the context of practicing continuous meditation. When you meditate soul energy speeds up. However when you stop meditating soul energy flow slows down. Therefore by continuously holding your awareness within the soul energy flow; at the level of the brow chakra or third eye location. You are practicing what I call common meditation.

Therefore at this stage of meditation practice soul energy flow; is only speeding up with no slowing down. In summary all three stages of Surface, Deep and Escape are a natural progression; of intensity in soul energy flow strength and power.

Surface meditation enlightenment stages

Surface meditation is the first category of enlightenment stages. It is where the beginner meditator has an awareness; of the flow of energy over the outer surface of the body. However unfortunately many meditators remain at this level of function during their whole life time. Thereby failing to penetrate the veil of illusion very deeply at all.

In summary it is a stage characterized by slow soul energy flow with high resistance. However during this first stage it is usual to receive; what are called psychic insights. This aspect is what forms the whole basis for the name insight meditation.

Deep meditation Enlightenment stages

Second category of enlightenment stages is deep meditation, which is what I call the heavy lifting. Therefore at this stage; the energy flow is becoming stronger and more significant. Therefore it will really penetrate and bite in to dissolve serious resistance. In summary it is during this stage; that the bulk of the dissolving or dissolution will be achieved. During this phase a meditator becomes aware of energy flowing through the body.

Deep meditation is characterized by the piercing, penetrating and dissolving action of energy. Which is at the point or level of your meditation focus within your physical body. Initially this will happen in the head areas; but with the progression of your deep meditation ability. Naturally this dissolving awareness will progressively move down; and dissolve out the sediments within your entire spinal column.

Importantly this clearing out of the sediments and crystallization’s surrounding and permeating the spinal column; is a very important milestone in your meditation achievement or maturity of practice.

Escape meditation Enlightenment stages

Escape meditation is the final stage of meditation; which represents the achievement of the final goal of enlightenment with escape from the material world.

Pathway to Enlightenment Apply Steps of Purification

Bhavacakra is symbolic representation for the cycle of existence. This is a tapestry from a monastery in the Himalayas.

When studying Buddhism enlightenment path you will find out, all about the holy eightfold path with the four noble truths. This knowledge is certainly very useful and practical in nature. As it is based on the third ray of active intelligence; which in simple language is called common sense. Particularly so for querents who first step upon the spiritual path; when beginning their journey of discovery in working out how life functions.

Enlightenment Three stages of Meditation Ability or Maturity

Buddha enlightenment photo which is revealing an uplifting aura with deep and profound peacefulness of being and compassion.

Enlightenment three stages meditation achievement; outlines and describes; the three stages of meditation enlightenment progression or maturity in meditation practice. On the enlightenment path to achieving the final goal of the enlightenment energy state. Reincarnation or wheel of rebirth is explained in the “Tibetan book of the dead“. Two Meditation Technique Categories First category of …