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Meditation class is often the very first step; that most querents will take. When starting their meditation career. In which case he will show up; at meditation function night; with the local guru once a week. Go through a guided meditation; with maybe some spiritual healing; and psychic messages for desert. Then he will go home; and mostly forget all about it. Until he shows up again; at the same time the following week. This level of commitment is commonly called spiritual entertainment. One step follows another brothers. So perhaps we may rejoice; that in some cases a far deeper commitment; will be developed. Above all which will result in serious spiritual development.

Spiritual Aspirant Committed Attitude Spiritual Development

Find meditation path early in life with serious meditation practice from an early age; will prevent many health problems and structural deformities.

Message for any spiritual aspirant; on the limitations of ego focused intelligence. Everyone’s path in life is different; in the context of personality distractions. Importantly however everyone’s life is also the same; in the context of spiritual growth.
Conscious process of actively changing energy state; or vibrational education is defined to be insight meditation. Which is consciously invoking; or bringing down of our own Oversoul energy.

Video Insight Meditation

Querent sitting around fire lotus position; seeking guidance sage. Difference between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is discipline.

Video introduction insight meditation; which reveals a complete transformation into a stronger energy field. Natural progression from a rigid reactive pattern; into a calm at peace pattern. Here is a link to Brother Bert’s You Tube video channel: Written Dialog for video presentation: Introduction Insight Meditation Hello Meditation Students my name is Brother Bert. …