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Spiritual knowledge is; the correct awareness and understanding of natural law or dharma. In other words is the physics of spirituality. For instance perhaps one may break a man made law; with getting away with it sometimes. However no one will ever get away with breaking; any spiritual law without consequence.

Choice Determines Fate Upon the Spiritual Path

Choice determines fate is another demonstration that energy follows thought. In exactly the same way as meditation does.

When any person first steps upon the spiritual path, it needs to be fully accepted; that everything begins with taking 100% responsibility for the whole pattern of your life. In practice this will mean being responsible for your emotions or how you feel as well. From this aspect onwards all the possibilities in life will arise.

Spiritual Science Metaphysics

White Palace: Insight meditation is a meditation process; that leads to balancing of chakras with a stronger aura with clear mental process of soul infused mind.

Becoming spiritual scientist When we meditate correctly then we will create an energy bubble; that will keep unwanted thought forms from our mind. Spiritual science metaphysics or Anthroposophy is the dharma, science or physics of spirituality. Which when practiced correctly enables spiritual growth. In other words becoming spiritual scientist; which is in order to grow …