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Spiritual healing is the same process; as energy healing. However it is; facilitated by others. For instance spiritual healing provides a glimpse; of what would be achieved; with insight meditation. In essence it is; the same process. Except that it is channeled; via other individuals. Which is increasing energy; with decreasing resistance. In addition the over all net result; is the raising; of consciousness or awareness.

In conclusion best long term results; are achieved. Above all with self energy healing; which can only gained with meditation. Therefore the best location to learn; about insight meditation and spiritual science is the Ashram.

Holistic Healing Self Energy Correction of Health

Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

An explanation of why counseling services alone will never produce long-term sustainable improvements in human behavior. Insight meditation is the only way to access the deeper levels of the mind in a completely conscious way; which will lead to holistic energy healing.

Spiritual Science Metaphysics

White Palace: Insight meditation is a meditation process; that leads to balancing of chakras with a stronger aura with clear mental process of soul infused mind.

Becoming spiritual scientist When we meditate correctly then we will create an energy bubble; that will keep unwanted thought forms from our mind. Spiritual science metaphysics or Anthroposophy is the dharma, science or physics of spirituality. Which when practiced correctly enables spiritual growth. In other words becoming spiritual scientist; which is in order to grow …

Search for Meaning of Life

Meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere which is straight up a timeless secret. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness

Discover the meaning of Life or Holy Grail Anyone who seeks to find a holistic solution to their health problems; will discover the meaning of life or holy grail. Accordingly this article presents a very simple and easy to understand message; for all who wish to escape any medical problem. How many of average humanity …