Tag: spiritual hierarchy

Spiritual hierarchy is supervising; the spiritual evolution of the planet earth. For instance it is a spiritual brotherhood. That it is overseen and supervised by the ascended masters. Who are spiritually enlightened beings. However in past incarnations; they were ordinary humans. But they have undergone; a series of spiritual transformations called initiations.

In other words the spiritual hierarchy; is a structured organisation according to spiritual status or frequency. With the finest or highest frequency at the top; directing lower spiritual status people below. In summary this line of command is from the highest to the lowest; down all along the line. Perhaps it is interesting to note. That the working disciple on the material plane; is lowest member of this spiritual brotherhood. In effect he is a private first class; in the spiritual army so to speak.

Initiate: Spiritual Awakening Consciousness

An initiation is a consciousness change that is depicted by making the choice to move through the doorway of spiritual awakening.

An initiate is anyone who achieves a change in consciousness or spiritual awakening. For instance this is from a low animalistic pattern; into a higher more responsible way of being. Therefore in effect it is to become more vibrationally educated in spiritual evolution. Here is a quote by Mr. Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Which is totally correct. Belief system or model of the world does not change reality in any way. However the only thing that we can change is our perception of reality. Which is precisely achieved with insight meditation practice.