Tag: as above so below

As above so below is a timeless quote. Which indicates that whatever energy state is present on an inner level. Will also be revealed on an outer level. This fact can be discovered by anyone. With disciplined insight meditation practice; taken to its final conclusion. Which demonstrates a complete transformation; from the contracted, crippled, reactive and maladjusted state. Into one that is fully expanded, non reactive; with a well balanced psychological pattern. This is in addition to a correctly aligned cerebra-spinal system; with a square psychical body.

As above so below can be achieved by anyone; who can successfully balances their first three rays. Which are the first ray of will and power, second ray of love wisdom; and the third ray of active intelligence. In summary visit an Ashram in order to learn first hand.

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation summary is a complete record. When meditating for first time it is easier to participate within a group.

Insight meditation is the pathway of discovery to find the truth. Increased soul energy flow leads to the expression of love wisdom. Everything that is learned on an inner level; can be applied to our every day life outer level. Therefore in this way will result in improving all our social relationships. With friends, family and acquaintances from our perspective. Just because we are at peace with the world; does not necessarily mean that the world will be at peace with us.