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Self observation is to look at yourself. For instance to discover your own psychic pattern. In the context of Insight meditation a meditator; will come to see psychic insights. Above all which is their own psychic pattern; in a wider context to what was possible before meditation. Perhaps you would like to try it?

Significant eternal life choice before every human being is to either enter the circus or the Ashram. Which represents a choice on an inner level; of either travelling in a circle or straight up. In other words this is to say follow and pursue the personality desires of the ego; or walk in the illumination of soul light changing energy state. Whichever path is chosen; there will be its inevitable consequences.

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Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Rules of entry to Ashram is sacrifice of ego desires or motivations. Which is firstly to abstain from all forms of intoxicants (i.e. alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, all illegal drugs and even prescription mood altering drugs); that will only dull the mind and hinder receptivity in gaining spiritual truth.

Spiritual Path Prevent Health and Structural deformities

Group meditation with meditating people within aura field of each other is the easiest way serious insight meditation. Increased soul energy flow love wisdom

Every individual has the choice to hide behind a facade; which maintains the power of the ego living a life in the pattern of illusion. Or walk the spiritual path and face what their own soul light would reveal; to eventually become enlightened. Spiritual path information presents the same choice; which is before us all.
Young people who find spiritual path early in life may discover that serious meditation is easier to implement with far better results. Consequently serious meditation practice from an early age will prevent many health problems and structural deformities before they would normally occur later in life.