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Surface meditation is the first stage; of meditation ability. For instance the meditator has the ability. To be aware of energy flowing; over the the body.

During the first stage of surface meditation. It can be referred to as brushing off the dust. During this beginner stage a meditator has an awareness; of the flow of energy over the outer surface of the body. Very sadly many meditators remain at this level of function; during their whole life time. Thereby failing to penetrate; the veil of illusion very deeply at all.

Above all it is a stage characterized; by slow soul energy flow with high resistance. During this first stage it is usual to receive; what are called psychic insights.

Immoral Action or Enlightenment Choice before Humanity

Gomap: Discover spiritual path early in life; will make meditation easier. When you start early in life. Then you will prevent many health problems. Before they occur later in life.

Pattern of meditation awareness There are essentially two choices in how you choose to focus your awareness during meditation practice. Firstly is the technique taught by Goenka; which is to follow your awareness over a gross sensation area until you feel subtle sensations. When you then move your awareness further on. The second way is to hold your awareness on an area with subtle sensations and when they stop changing; you then move your awareness on.