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Psychic can be a reference to clairvoyant abilities. However in this way psychic pattern refers; to the way thoughts and feelings are expressed. For instance; which can be seen by others. In other words it is an outward expression; of mental and emotional processes of a human being. For example a psychic healer helps the querent to see in a wider context.

In life we all have the eternal choice to learn life’s lessons; the easy way or the hard way by default. Easy way is to study and apply the timeless ancient wisdom in the first place. Hard way is to ignore it; and then suffer the completely inevitable consequences of pain and suffering experience. This in turn will provide the crisis of opportunity a psychic insight; which in effect is a second opportunity to face what was previously overlooked.

Ego creates Psychic Barriers Illusion of Separation

Psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura, which slows down the passage of energy and distorts perception.

Ego Personality Illusion or soul consciousness Since the origins of time the eternal choice for everyone; who finds himself in incarnation. Is either to enjoy the illusion of what you see outside yourself; which is an ego or personality focus. Or face the truth within the self; which is a soul focus? It is all …

Mountain of Awareness Final Goal is Enlightenment

Stupa is symbolic representation for level of awareness of humanity. It is in just the same way as the mountain of awareness presentation peak is enlightenment

Stupa is a symbolic representation for the level of awareness of humanity. It is in just the same way as the mountain of awareness presentation. As a member of humanity become more spiritually evolved. He will become less dense with a finner vibration. Accordingly then his level of awareness or consciousness will rise. Lower humanity is at the bottom. Middle section is for average humanity. Top section is for higher man; who eventually become lost to the material world as a fully dissolved being.

Who seeks to escape illusion?

Meditation summary defines the essential points. Consequently this meditation process leads to the balancing of the chakras with a stronger aura.

Suicide is not only an illusion of escape; it will also delay your spiritual evolution. Message for all who choose to act only as individuals; because they know everything. Perhaps in some cases there may be thoughts of suicide; which is a natural consequence for the isolationist approach. Choosing this path is such a very unwise life choice. Furthermore the following presentation is a clear and complete explanation; for the only valid or wholesome way to escape illusion.