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Ego reaction test provides a determination; for the level of reaction of the ego or the responsiveness of soul. It is a challenge question or statement; that is presented to any given individual. Which has the intention to ascertain the level of ego present; within the given individual under test. The challenge statement can be about anything. If the statement is true and the ego reacts with a “I do not like”. This indicates an ego focused individual; who has failed the test.

However when the person under test responds with a “why” question this indicates a soul response. Because why invokes soul light to answer it correctly. The person under test has revealed; that they are prepared to face all the available information on the challenge topic. Additionally the person under test may laugh; because the challenge statement is simply in fact incorrect. However it is probably a good idea to keep in mind.  Under the guidelines of the ego reaction test. That the ego takes very seriously true information; that weakens its power over the entity.

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Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Rules of entry to Ashram is sacrifice of ego desires or motivations. Which is firstly to abstain from all forms of intoxicants (i.e. alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, all illegal drugs and even prescription mood altering drugs); that will only dull the mind and hinder receptivity in gaining spiritual truth.