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Indigo children is a new age concept. For instance there are many children. Coming into incarnation at the present time. Who possess special unusual and sometimes supernatural abilities. They are called the Indigo children. Because they have the indigo colour in their aura. These souls are all destined; to serve humanity. Usually they can be identified; by their naturally compassionate nature. Also these children have an optimistic vibration. Who will inspire others to achieve their best in life. In conclusion as they are fun to be around; they are a magnetic to others who are seeking inspiration.

Who seeks to escape illusion?

Meditation summary defines the essential points. Consequently this meditation process leads to the balancing of the chakras with a stronger aura.

Suicide is not only an illusion of escape; it will also delay your spiritual evolution. Message for all who choose to act only as individuals; because they know everything. Perhaps in some cases there may be thoughts of suicide; which is a natural consequence for the isolationist approach. Choosing this path is such a very unwise life choice. Furthermore the following presentation is a clear and complete explanation; for the only valid or wholesome way to escape illusion.