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As he is a soul man. He knows by his own direct experience; that the only escape from illusion; is vibration education. Soul man presents in his hand. Here it is a priceless gem; the esoteric secret key of release. To which what do you think ego man said? Do not tell me what to do; of course because he is only interested; in glamour of illusion. In addition to the wild ride in life; that it provides.

Initiate: Spiritual Awakening Consciousness

An initiation is a consciousness change that is depicted by making the choice to move through the doorway of spiritual awakening.

An initiate is anyone who achieves a change in consciousness or spiritual awakening. For instance this is from a low animalistic pattern; into a higher more responsible way of being. Therefore in effect it is to become more vibrationally educated in spiritual evolution. Here is a quote by Mr. Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Which is totally correct. Belief system or model of the world does not change reality in any way. However the only thing that we can change is our perception of reality. Which is precisely achieved with insight meditation practice.