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When a person meditates; it is defined as disciplined focus of thought; to enable increased flow of energy. From the over soul to dissolve resistance of ego. Firstly we will begin; with an explanation of how to meditate. In the early stages a strict protocol; needs to be maintained in order to achieve the best results.

This process begins with Anapana, which is to sit still with spine erect and unsupported with the focus of your awareness. On your breathing in the area of the triangle of your nose with the upper lip. This practice will sharpen, discipline and increase the sensitivity of the mind.

Meditation Enlightened

Buddhist pilgrims chant and meditate below the Bodhi Tree, the descendent of the tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment, at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya India.

Meditation enlightened is a demonstration that energy follows thought. Meditating is a form of conscious energy breathing. Energy of the oversoul is cold, soft, relentless, stretching, resilient and flexible. By comparison the resistance of ego is hot, hard, brittle and inflexible. During the meditation the increased flow of energy will cause an expansion phase; which the crystallization of ego resists. When a person meditates soul energy is impacting upon and dissolving resistance, which leads to an expansion in awareness or consciousness.