Tag: pain and suffering

Pain and suffering is the natural consequence; of living a life with an ego or selfish focus. Consequence of these barriers is to interfere with the mutual exchange of energy. Therefore in effect you are throwing out the baby; which is love out with the dishwater of unwanted negative emotions. Inherent in the psychic barrier protection pattern; is an absence of deep, real and true caring for another.

Once you come to see how enslaved. You were to the withholding of love pattern; and then blaming someone else for it. There will arise within you a deep overflowing of love; that permeates your whole being. As you come to love everyone; in a deep and caring way a total transformation. Only path to freedom from pain and suffering; is by taking the steps of purification.

Evolution Consciousness is resisted by Ego

Evolution of consciousness is resisted by the ego. Insight meditation is the conscious process to invoke the energy of the oversoul to transcend ego

As the evolution of spiritual consciousness is resisted by the personality or ego; the net result is that all average humanity who are ruled by their ego’s are entrapped within a prison. Insight meditation or serious meditation is a direct comparison to many of the superficial forms of meditation that are available today.