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Perhaps we may all consider how to create a conscious relationship. It is by definition based upon spiritual law. Which is the pathway of love with equal treatment in every aspect. Relationships that are framed under spiritual law; will always result in everyone wining. How do we know the difference; between these two alternatives for our own particular situation? Naturally it is through the process self observation of course. “At every turn in the road a man must turn and face himself”; which is a quote by Rani Lash. Whenever you see the problem correctly; then you will also see the answer as well.

Mindfulness Develops with Insight Meditation Practice

Just be in the moment is the secret for successful mindfulness. Holistic healing comes easily for people; who discover meditation early in life.

Meditation develops mindfulness, which is equal consideration for others in your being. It is demonstrated by thinking, feeling and actions in the present moment. It is an energy state of being that evolves quite naturally with insight meditation practice. When a meditator gains the ability to practice continuous meditation then he will find himself in the present moment all of the time. Consequently and quite naturally he will also gain the ability able to find present time solutions with present time problems more easily.