Tag: empty hands

Empty hands refers to the energy state; which brings no ulterior motives or  agenda. Combined with an absence of the psychic barriers of resistance. Basically you are a clear empty vessel channeling pure energy. Which is in essence is an open flower to all of humanity; who seek spiritual service.

By comparison when we ask someone to do something and they feel impelled to do it on an inner level what we ask; this is respecting the free will law and attracts no karmic consequences. Every individual living within the wheel of rebirth level of awareness is subject to the laws of karma or cause and effect.

To approach life with empty hands avoids karmic consequences. This is whether they have any awareness of this law or not because it is simply the physics of spirituality or manifestation. Anyone with even a basic understanding of this law will always be better off than anyone who has no understanding.

Psychic Barriers Imprison

Psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected from the world.

Unfortunately psychological or psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Which explains why relationships that are framed within barriers of protection; are all doomed for failure. Changing your life partner is not a solution; because you take your barriers with you. Thereby creating the same unbalanced pattern, with another person with the same consequences. Person who puts up the barriers in the first place; is the only one who can take them down.