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Gratitude is an attitude of being grateful or thankful for a service. That has been given to you selflessly by another. Therefore in a spiritual context there is a need; to pass on the blessing in the same spirit. Which has been given to you. Mindfulness and gratitude are both expressed together; when living in the present moment.

Perhaps however it may arise one day. For instance that a querent decides; to become a spiritual aspirant; by joining a spiritual development group. Here is our very first important discrimination choice, which is which one? Unfortunately many spiritual groups are led by people; who only possess a partial understanding of how life works.

Certainly no one can give to another; what you do not have yourself. All it takes is one incorrect assumption. To lose your way towards freedom of illusion; which is to remain lost in the wilderness. Peacock guides have provided quality spiritual guidance.

Gratitude Peacock Group Brotherhood Spirit Guides

Gratefulness to the Peacock Spiritual Group guides. Gratitude is an expression of mindful loving grace in the peace of understanding.

Mindfulness and gratitude will blend together; when living in the present moment. So perhaps we may all wonder. Why any man is only as strong as the man who is guiding him. Therefore as a natural consequence; we will feel impelled to express gratitude. Towards the people who have sacrificed; their time and energy to guide us.