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View of meditation is determined; with its resultant conclusions. For instance on what is seen; on the level of perception. In addition this is a direct result; of maturity with meditation practice. Above all it is observed that as energy becomes progressively stronger. Then awareness will rise in direct proportion. Additionally resistance becomes weaker; as a direct result of the strengthening energy flow.

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Potala Palace: Only sacrifice of participation is to implement in practice; what you come to learn while being a member of a spiritual development group. Continuous meditation ability is the point of true independence. Until this point is achieved all require the guidance; from the light cast by others a little further along the path.

Yes these interesting meditation observations can be confirmed by anyone; who meditates with the discipline required to achieve the same level of meditating maturity.
Energy follows thought is a demonstration that insight meditation is a dissolving process.
For all those people who start serious meditation too late in life. They will have no possibility to achieve enlightenment; before the current incarnation is over! They will need to wait until their next incarnation; before this same opportunity will present itself once again.