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Diffuse meditation leads nowhere; while focused meditation leads everywhere. It doesn’t really matter; which particular meditation technique you choose to practice. Provided that you follow a few rules. Firstly it needs to be; focused meditation awareness to a point technique. Secondly you will need to become progressively aware; of increasing energy flow strength; with a corresponding decrease in resistance.

React as ego or respond as soul is our eternal choice in life. If you seek to live a life; with a more calm at peace pattern. Then there is only one solution for you. Which is meditation. Because this process brings in soul influence; with all its qualities of calm responding. Whereas remaining with reaction of the ego; results in more of the same; which is conflict and disharmony.

Meditation Symptoms Pathway to Enlightenment

Meditator sitting in the lotus position revealing the seven main chakras or energy centres in the body.

Every meditator will need to accept the pain and discomfort of any agravations or symptologies, which may occur while meditating to facilitate their own progress in maturity of meditation practice.
Every individual experiential process or symptomology pattern is different and unique, which is determined by the original resistance pattern. This is the whole reason why I say that serious meditation is not for the faint hearted; who will balk and shy away from continued practice due to these uncomfortable symptoms.