Tag: spiritual maturity

Spiritual maturity is when you can see all of someone’s faults; and then choose to love them anyway. However spiritual maturity with unconditional love; can only ever be achieved. After significant spiritual evolution; has been realized. Which in other words means that it is an energy state. Which therefore needs to be worked for; with disciplined effort. Insight Meditation is the conscious process of increasing energy; from the oversoul to dissolve the resistance or crystallization of ego.

Insight meditation is a process that transforms passion into compassion. In this way the meditator learns to view life; as a soul selfless rather than as an ego. Which is selfish.

Spiritual Entertainment or Spiritual Development

Querent sitting around a fire in lotus position; seeking guidance from a sage in a cave. Only difference between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development; is the discipline to apply the steps of purification.

Choice between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is the discipline; of applying the steps of purification to change energy state.
Spiritual entertainment does provide a very valuable service to the community; in that it brings the seeds of awareness.
First time you sit still to meditate is the first moment when the choice has been made to select against the ego or personality in order to promote your own evolution of spiritual consciousness!