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Meditation understanding will only come; to those people who practice. A seriously disciplined and focused meditation technique. In other words meditation will teach you as you go. As you progress with your meditation maturity or ability. Therefore after you master beginner meditation technique of Anapana. Then there is progression to the more advanced technique of insight meditation.

Here is some basic meditation understanding. Every time you meditate soul energy flow speeds up. While every time you stop meditating then progress is in regression. As the soul energy flow slows down. Appropriately this explains why meditation practice needs to be very intensive in the beginning. So as to get the soul energy flow up to speed.

Where it will be above the threshold level and you can do it all the time. It is only when you gain the ability to meditate continuously. That your progress in personal transformation really takes off. Continuous meditation ability is a direct demonstration. That focused meditation leads everywhere. While diffuse meditation leads nowhere.

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Jokhang Temple in Tibet. There are many monasteries in Tibet. Some of them practice very disciplined and advanced meditation.

Contact details for Brother Bert: Brother Bert is currently a Spiritual science teacher/meditation instructor at the “Energy Healing Centre”; which is an Ashram located at 366 Oxley Avenue, Margate, 4019, Redcliffe Brisbane. Queensland, Australia. Phone contact Brother Bert Ashram is +61402103685. Otherwise you may contact us by email at [email protected] By appointment I will give either …

Insight Meditation Secrets

Taktsang steep sloping Himalayas mountain forest: This ia a remote monastery on the side of the mountain in the Himalayas

Secret Meditation Invoke energy of Oversoul Eternal choice in life is to either run around in circles chasing the illusion; or to sit still and meditate in order to escape the illusion. Focused meditation or the insight meditation secrets approach is the only way. To bring the full power of the over soul; into your …

Video Insight Meditation

Querent sitting around fire lotus position; seeking guidance sage. Difference between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is discipline.

Video introduction insight meditation; which reveals a complete transformation into a stronger energy field. Natural progression from a rigid reactive pattern; into a calm at peace pattern. Here is a link to Brother Bert’s You Tube video channel: Written Dialog for video presentation: Introduction Insight Meditation Hello Meditation Students my name is Brother Bert. …

Electrical Basis of Meditation

Gautama Buddha meditating in the lotus position sitting under Bodhi tree revealing a strong auric field.

Electrical meditation protection barrier: Group electrical basis meditation is with each meditating person within the aura field of another. Visiting an Ashram is the easiest way to start serious meditation. Enlightenment is an energy state, created with insight meditation practice. Electrical meditation Meditation practice Increases life force Aura Magnetic Field No one will ever achieve …

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Potala Palace Only sacrifice of participation is to implement in practice what you come to learn while being a member of spiritual development group.

Yes these interesting meditation observations can be confirmed by anyone; who meditates with the discipline required to achieve the same level of meditating maturity.
Energy follows thought is a demonstration that insight meditation is a dissolving process.
For all those people who start serious meditation too late in life. They will have no possibility to achieve enlightenment; before the current incarnation is over! They will need to wait until their next incarnation; before this same opportunity will present itself once again.