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Meditation illusion is a very common misconception. For instance many newly practicing meditators; can become lost on the surface levels of meditation. In addition all to often many unwise older meditators; will fail to penetrate the veil of illusion; very far at all.

Above all in a way of looking at it; surface meditation is still illusion. This is only in the case; where the meditator becomes enthralled with surface meditation; and does not move beyond it. Because he does not understand correctly! Every meditator needs to gain; the ability to pass from surface to deep meditation ability. In this way you are definitely on a solid pathway to escape illusion.

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Find meditation path early in life with serious meditation practice from an early age; will prevent many health problems and structural deformities.

Message for any spiritual aspirant; on the limitations of ego focused intelligence. Everyone’s path in life is different; in the context of personality distractions. Importantly however everyone’s life is also the same; in the context of spiritual growth.
Conscious process of actively changing energy state; or vibrational education is defined to be insight meditation. Which is consciously invoking; or bringing down of our own Oversoul energy.