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Incarnation literally means; to be embodied in a physical body. For instance which refers to observation; that a soul has various lifetimes; on the earth plane of existence.
Christ said many years ago; that as you sow so shall you reap. In addition this is a direct reference; to the wheel of rebirth or reincarnation. In conclusion it means that as you apply yourself correctly; in one lifetime or incarnation by evolving spiritually. Then you may expect; better opportunities in your next lifetime. An incarnation is an opportunity to grow spiritually more quickly then is possible in the fourth dimension of the spirit world.

Gratitude Peacock Group Brotherhood Spirit Guides

Gratefulness to the Peacock Spiritual Group guides. Gratitude is an expression of mindful loving grace in the peace of understanding.

Mindfulness and gratitude will blend together; when living in the present moment. So perhaps we may all wonder. Why any man is only as strong as the man who is guiding him. Therefore as a natural consequence; we will feel impelled to express gratitude. Towards the people who have sacrificed; their time and energy to guide us.