Tag: psychic poisons

Psychic poisons are created with the creation of negative emotions; associated with the putting up of psychic barriers. It is a natural consequence for an individual; who perceives the threat to coming from outside. Therefore he will generate lots of negative emotions to defend against it. This is instead of being responsible; for the quality of his emotions. That he is putting out into the world in the first place. This is an aspect of denial of personal responsibility. Which is a demonstration of emotional immaturity.

Psychic Barriers

Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected from the world.

Unfortunately psychological or psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Which explains why relationships that are framed within barriers of protection; are all doomed for failure. Changing your life partner is not a solution; because you take your barriers with you. Thereby creating the same unbalanced pattern, with another person with the same consequences. Person who puts up the barriers in the first place; is the only one who can take them down.