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Spiritual Guides are; a little more vibrationally educated. For instance a little further along the spiritual path. Therefore those who guide others coming along behind. Rani Lash is the guide who works on the first ray of will and power. While Lai Yung works on the second ray of love and wisdom. Lastly Ra Iman Hopteph works on the fifth ray of synthesis.

Probably the most common incorrect assumption; most of average humanity makes. Is that you do not need meditation. Similarly even with spiritual aspirants; who do discover meditation. They may become lost in surface meditation. Which however in itself is a form of illusion. Three stages of meditation are surface, deep and escape. Where escape is defined to be; the meditator successfully escapes the prison of the physical body. Therefore not until this state has been achieved; will anyone ever be completely free from illusion.

Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

Peacock group brotherhood is a spiritual development group, which is open to anyone who feels the motivation to become a member.

“There is no path other than the path which you weave for yourselves. You create your own light, you create your own pattern, you create the stepping stones for your feet, and you create the mud holes in which you so often flounder.” This is an extract from the discourse “the meaning of words” by Lai Yung.
Who is interested in growing spiritually or spiritual development? Well in that case you will need to study diligently the esoteric knowledge; contained within the Peacock group spiritual brotherhood discourses, which begins with an understanding of basic terminology.