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Akashic records are the complete; fourth dimensional record of all material world history. In effect they are a complete video; replication since the origins of time. At the completion of an incarnation; an entity will go; to the hall of memories in the fourth dimension. Where he will view; his own personal Akashic records over a number of lifetimes. Which is just as Christ said many years ago that all was recorded on the scheme of time. Where he will sit in judgement upon himself. In summary assessments are then made; as to whether any spiritual progress has been achieved or not.

Spiritual Path Application will Prevent Health and Structural deformities

Group meditation with meditating people within aura field of each other is the easiest way serious insight meditation. Increased soul energy flow love wisdom

Every individual has the choice to hide behind a facade; which maintains the power of the ego living a life in the pattern of illusion. Or walk the spiritual path and face what their own soul light would reveal; to eventually become enlightened. Spiritual path information presents the same choice; which is before us all.
Young people who find spiritual path early in life may discover that serious meditation is easier to implement with far better results. Consequently serious meditation practice from an early age will prevent many health problems and structural deformities before they would normally occur later in life.

Ignorance of Spiritual Law is No Excuse

This meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere, which is straight up. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness

Losers have excuses and winners have solutions is a direct demonstration of spiritual law application. People who break spiritual laws will suffer; the inevitable karmic consequences with pain and suffering experience. They will complain bitterly. Obviously they belong to the loser group. By comparison the people who study the spiritual laws; accordingly choosing to live within the spiritual framework. Will avoid serious karmic consequences so they will have happier more contented lives. Obviously these more enlightened individuals will belong to the winners group.