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Astral projection is an alternative description to explain Astral travel; which is the conscious movement of awareness in the fourth dimension; or spirit world via our astral body. Therefore the fourth dimension; has no limitations of space or time. Similarly the Tibetan book of the dead explains the process of dying; to the material plane of existence. In conclusion Astral planes are commonly referred to as heavenly fields.

Insight meditation is a process that will facilitate the gaining of conscious astral travel ability. Because insight meditation invokes energy that reduces the stick of the astral body to the physical body.

Astral Travel

Representation Astral body form with aura above physical body during REM sleep.

Astral travel or astral projection is an intentional out of body experience (OBE). Via an aspect of soul that is termed the ” astral body “. Which is soul, mental body and emotional body without the physical body. Which can separate from the physical body and has the capability of travelling consciously; outside the limitations of the physical body throughout the universe during REM sleep.