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Aura is magnetic field; of all living and non living objects. In addition colours of an aura will reveal. For instance the spiritual status; of any given individual. Above all the Aura; is progressively strengthened; with insight meditation practice. This is due to increased energy flow; which has a stronger magnetic field.

As you gain maturity in meditation ability. You will observe an increased strengthening of soul energy flow. This experiential process with its associated progression of symptoms and sensations; will reflect a direct raising of awareness or consciousness. Particularly so when you receive the psychic insights from the Over soul. Therefore this progressive straightening of the spinal cord with the increasing flow of energy; will directly increase the magnetic or auric field around the body.

Astral Travel

Representation Astral body form with aura above physical body during REM sleep.

Astral travel or astral projection is an intentional out of body experience (OBE). Via an aspect of soul that is termed the ” astral body “. Which is soul, mental body and emotional body without the physical body. Which can separate from the physical body and has the capability of travelling consciously; outside the limitations of the physical body throughout the universe during REM sleep.

Electrical Basis of Meditation

Gautama Buddha meditating in the lotus position sitting under Bodhi tree revealing a strong auric field.

Electrical meditation protection barrier: Group electrical basis meditation is with each meditating person within the aura field of another. Visiting an Ashram is the easiest way to start serious meditation. Enlightenment is an energy state, created with insight meditation practice. Electrical meditation Meditation practice Increases life force Aura Magnetic Field No one will ever achieve …

Thanks sharing view of meditation

Potala Palace Only sacrifice of participation is to implement in practice what you come to learn while being a member of spiritual development group.

Yes these interesting meditation observations can be confirmed by anyone; who meditates with the discipline required to achieve the same level of meditating maturity.
Energy follows thought is a demonstration that insight meditation is a dissolving process.
For all those people who start serious meditation too late in life. They will have no possibility to achieve enlightenment; before the current incarnation is over! They will need to wait until their next incarnation; before this same opportunity will present itself once again.